Best beaches on the island...


Paliochori, Agia Kiriaki and Thiorihia are three of the best beaches on the island, and just 5 minutes from Pavlos House.

The first two are full organised (beach bars, restaurants, water sports) in order to enjoy all day at the beach, Thiorihia beach and old factory are waiting for you to discover them...

Church of Panagia Portiani

The Church of Panagia Portiani, in the center of Zephyria, is the old metropolis of the island.


 The name "Portiani" (from “πόρτα” which means “door” in Greek) is probably linked to the castle gate which was near the temple. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in the 18th century (during the Turkish occupation) and the church was deserted.

The Church of Panagia Portiani is an important monument which is protected by the Ministry of Culture

"Tο Πέτρινο"
Greek & Local Cuisine

Το Πέτρινο is a typical Greek and local restaurant, which offers a country side atmosphere, combined with Zefyria's ancient perception in the air, just relax and enjoy!  

Vegetables and other products come from family production or from Milos, ask for mamma Sofia's "laxanodolmades"...


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